HummingBirth Team Bios

DeAnna Elliott

DeAnna ElliottDeAnna has been an international trainer for Infant Massage USA since 1982. Working with thousands of adults and infants around the world led her to create a documentary called “Cellular Echoes, Environmental Influences in the Journey From the Womb to the World.” This ground-breaking film educates the average person on the process of cell memory and imprinting from conception forward.  In this documentary, tribal birth wisdom is compared to contemporary scientific understanding in a cross-cultural exploration of this phenomenon. DeAnna has teamed up with Katherine Parker, creator of Resonance Alchemy, to guide parents to clear their own negative imprints before conceiving their own child through a process of vibrational healing. To learn more about DeAnna’s offerings and to contact her directly, click here.


 Ellowan and Shinondon

Ellowan anEllowan and Shinondon 2015d her Beloved husband Shinondon, have embarked on a sacred journey of co-creation and are doing their part by preparing the way for the beautiful New Souls coming onto the planet, ‘The Sun Eyed Children of the Marvelous Dawn’.  This couple has been in clear communication for 3 years now with the Soul called Malcolm Elijah Shenandoah, whom they’ve agreed to conceive and birth.  Their walk has been one of a dedicated path, committed to preparing their bodies, minds and Spirit’s; raising their frequencies and vibrations to meet the vibration of Malcolm Elijah.  Malcolm’s communication with Ellowan and Shinondon has been very specific and concise as to what he requires in order to be conceived.  Malcolm’s guidance has led them to make radical shifts in their diet, engage specific types of exercise, releasing old beliefs and patterns, clearing addictions and guided to traveled to specific Sacred Sites on the planet to assist in healing the distortions and imbalances, helping to restore the grids of the planet, just to name a few.  What has been organically birthing through Ellowan and Shinondon is a curriculum to support ‘parents to be’, in learning how to begin communicating with their aligned unborn Soul… As well as beginning the wondrous journey of preparation to raise their vibration to the highest possible level to bring through the precious Soul that is perfectly aligned to them.  In addition to the curriculum, this couple also offers further support through their unique gifts.  Click here to learn more.


Katherine Parker

Katherine Bio PhotoKatherine Parker is an empath, intuitive, and the visionary founder and developer of Resonance Alchemy, a unique system of healing and personal transformation which utilizes the higher dimensional vibrational frequencies of sacred seed syllables from Kum Vita, a universal language of spirit.  Her healing work also draws on over 25 years of experience as a certified massage therapist, hypnotherapist and ordained minister through the Ridhwan Foundation.

In 1994 a series of profound mystical experiences led to her receiving the elements of Resonance Alchemy healing through direct spiritual guidance.  She works with clients world wide and has been teaching Resonance Alchemy since 2002.  She recently published “Resonance Alchemy: Awakening the Tree of Life,” a comprehensive introduction to the Resonance Alchemy work.

She brings to the HummingBirth team a passion to assist parents in clearing imprinting in the DNA of fear, shame and guilt, and release any old subconscious patterns that are no longer serving their greater evolutionary potential, so that conscious and aligned conception, pregnancy, birth and bonding can take place naturally and effortlessly. She feels the sacred syllables and attuning techniques of Resonance Alchemy are powerful vibrational tools which can assist parents to awaken to their own Divine Human potential and assist in the joyful and aligned conception, gestation and birth of the new generations of children now coming on to the planet.

Katherine collaborates with DeAnna Elliott to offer Birthing the New Human, a workshop which combines Resonance Alchemy techniques with DeAnna’s understanding of neonatal and early natal imprinting to assist individuals to free themselves from any early foundational imprinting and trauma which may be holding them back.  Katherine and DeAnna have also collaborated to create a powerful protocol for supporting parents and neonates through conception, gestation, birth and bonding using the Resonance Alchemy healing and attuning techniques. For more information or to book a session please see Katherine’s website at


Tatiana Bellavita

A Colombia naTatiana Bellavitative living in Asia for the last 22 years, Tatiana is currently working in the water Solutions Business as Co-founder of Acquavibe. This is where she is now totally dedicating her life’s mission: to bring the best quality drinking water available in the market to all people of the world, giving water solutions to residential and small commercial companies.   Along with this, she works with waters of the world to help bring balance to our energetic bodies, subtle bodies and physical bodies.  Tatiana combines her expertise as a Reiki Master, Crystal Energy Master, and Sound Worker with her knowledge of the properties of water to assist others to come into alignment with their own Divinity. She brings her knowledge of water, vibration, and crystals to the Hummingbirth team for use in pre-conception, pregnancy and birth. Visit for more information or email Tatiana at