Hummingbird WellNest is a premier wellness center for those who desire a renewed sense of wellbeing and balance. We value personal relationships, emotions, beliefs, meanings and the connections these have to the body, mind, spirit and all of humanity. 

We support you in awakening your spirit, deeply feeling the radiance of your well~being and nurturing balance in all areas of your life.  WellNest practices the holistic approach of spirit, soul and body within the principles of nature’s own self-organization as well as the direct influence of the mind. As we bring order into our entire system, we see wellness as the natural outcome of a meaningful and balanced life.

The center serves as a high vibrational sanctuary of harmony and deep emergence, the healing that comes from deep within oneself.

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What’s Happening

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Overnight Stay

Your WellNest experience will be co-created with you to support your self-care journey. Your stay at Hummingbird WellNest will be as unique as you are!

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WellNest utilizes innovative practices in the field of vibrational energy medicine, offering a variety of practitioner services both onsite and during phone consultations.

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Specially chosen to empower you to come into self-responsibility, our product offerings address and balance the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of your well being.

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                      lotus light healing


We are passionate about providing safe, effective and non-invasive state of the art technologies which bring your body into harmony as you continue to enhance your wellness.

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Where the Rocky Mountains meet the Great Plains, join with us on the edge of a new paradigm in wellness where the old ways of life meet a new way of living.

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